ZENAGAME Girls Fever – Card Game for Women – 300 Funny Cards German – Card Game for Girls Evening


Material Karton
Age range (description) Adult

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  • Can be played as often as you like, we know that you are a fun cannon and will certainly play this game more than once. That’s why Zphename has developed a board game with a lot of love with 300 cards that you can play nonstop with all your friends. We have divided these card games for girls into 3 stacks of 100 cards each, so you can discover each set gradually and the game remains varied.
  • Games pack with 6 categories – I have before, voice, list, who it applies to, would you rather duty: an explosive must-have from our Best Of party games, where conversations and crazy laughter belong to the program. Watch out, no one really escapes the catches of our game in which all the tabus are broken: from now on, Tacheles are talked. In addition, a few joker cards are hidden in the stack.
  • For unforgettable evenings – Are you tired of the formal evening drink events where everyone talks about work? If you want to be fun and want to learn more about the darkest secrets or the most embarrassing fat pills of others that your friends never wanted to come to the light, all you need to do is bring Girls Fever and a bottle and see your friends in a different light…
  • Small and compact – these board games can be taken anywhere, unlike a board game. Whether you’re organising a hen party, a party at home or a pyjama party, whether at a meeting in a bar, holiday, birthday party or New Year’s Eve party, just bring Girls Fever with you so you don’t have to play poker, quiz, arrow deer or boring board games all evening.
  • The perfect gift idea – your best friend had a birthday yesterday and you still didn’t buy it? She stands on Gossip and can hardly hold her tongue in the fence. Then we have just the thing for you: the original Girls Fever. And since you will surely be with the game, it is also a way to give yourself a gift


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