Josera Adult Poultry Menu 15 kg


Brand Josera
Flavour Geflügel
Specific Uses Magen & Darm
Package information Tüte
Pet Life Stage Erwachsene

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Complete food for adult dogs – with lots of poultry – gluten-free formula because we know exactly what we want: Crunchy hops with selected ingredients and lots of poultry at an unbeatable price.So our world explorers are provided every day with everything they need.With a unique price-performance ratio. For all normal, active, adult dogs. Valuable fatty acids support healthy skin and shiny fur with aroma safe zip. Advantages: High quality ingredients combined in a balanced formula, feed the dog daily with everything he needs for a healthy life at a fair price. Moderate energy content: This formula has a medium fat content and is particularly suitable for normal active dog skin and fur: A shiny coat and healthy skin are signs of an optimal diet for your dog. Precious fatty acids, vitamins as well as zinc and copper in an easy-to-pick, organically bound form without wheat soy without gluten without lamb meat without beef without yeast without the addition of artificial colour, aroma and preservatives without BHT/BHA/Ethoxyquin Analytical components: protein 25%, fat content


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